How Reproductive Research and Breeding Management can help Endangered Species
How Reproductive Research and Breeding Management can help Endangered Species 

Who we are

We are scientists conducting and supporting research on reproduction physiology, medicine and assisted reproduction techniques for wildlife. We believe that captive breeding of endangered species may be the only chance for certain mammals to survive.



What we do

We identify reproductive research areas of utmost importance for selected species. By creating awareness, raising funds and establishing methods, we build expertise in the field of assisted breeding of endangered mammals worldwide.


What you can do

Get informed how assisted reproduction can help save species to survive. Support our research projects and help endangered mammals to have offspring.

Become a member and join our efforts to support conservation breeding!




Conservation measures traditionally rely on habitat protection, creation of protected reserves, community education, human- wildlife- conflict mitigation and anti-poaching actions. To add to this toolbox, the ability to keep and breed endangered species in human care is crucial. To be able to breed a wildlife species successfully, we need to know about the reproduction physiology, fertility markers, possibilities of assisted reproduction technologies, and we need genetic diversity. This is what we need to work on now!

Rare Persian leopard youngsters playing in the snow at Tierpark Nordhorn, Germany. These siblings are the first live born offspring after an artificial insemination was performed.

Photo: (c) Franz Frieling

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